Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In Fort Pierce FL?

Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In Fort Pierce FL? The simple answer is ‘Yes’. Probate is the legal process of ascertaining the authenticity of someone’s will. Probate is all about the fair distribution of an individual’s property among inheritors following their death. So when you want to sell a probate house, you need to go through various legal actions, the executor of the will, and the lawyers involved in the process to verify who inherits the property.

Selling a house while in probate is a lengthy and complex process. If you are saying “How to sell my house fast in Fort Pierce” while in probate read the whole article.

Can A House Be Sold While In Probate In Fort Pierce FL?

Appointment of Executor

If the decedent will appoint a specific person as an executor and that person is willing to as an executor, then he or she is officially appointed as the executor. If anyone has not been appointed the court or other relatives can appoint an executor from a near relative.


After the appointment of an executor, the next step is to appraise the property. But make sure you choose an appraiser who is licensed and reputable so that the appraiser can set a fair price because the property must sell at a price that should be at least 90% of the appraised value.


This process starts with an agent who will list your property in multiple listing services so that buyers will know it’s a probate sale. If a buyer is interested to buy the property, he or she makes an offer with a 10% deposit of the whole purchasing amount; you can accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer then it’s subject to court confirmation. You must submit the offer through your probate attorney to the court for confirmation. If every inheritor agrees, then a date is assigned for the sale.

When the offer on the probate property has been accepted and confirmed by the court, a Notice of Proposed Action must be mailed to all the heirs. This document includes all the terms and conditions of the proposed sale. Heirs will get 15 days to review the notice and raise objections if they have any. If there is no objection within the given time from heirs, the sale can go forward without a court hearing.


It’s the most complicated thing in the whole process. Before the court confirms and approves the real buyer, the court can ask if there is anyone to bid on the property if anyone bid on the property then the first buyer’s deposit money should be refunded, and the new buyer needs to deposit 10%, which is required to be a cashier’s check. A contract can be signed if the court confirms and approves the bid.

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